Step Into the Role of a Mentor


A 7 Day Action Plan to help guide and support you to step into the role of a mentor

Within this short course you will learn how to:

  • Identify your strengths – Helping you to identify the key strengths and areas you can mentor in
  • Identify potential mentees – Finding potential mentees in the workplace who you could mentor and how to begin mentoring them
  • Meet with your mentee – Identifying if you and your mentee are the right fit
  • Follow up with your mentee – What to do after you have had your first meeting with your potential mentee
  • What to do as a mentor – How to approach the role of a mentor and your sessions
  • What not to do as a mentor  – How to avoid mistakes as a mentor
  • Wear your mentor badge with PRIDE! – You are now a mentor!! How to continue empowering yourself to empower your mentee
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