"I believe in you, I believe in your dream, I believe
you have the discipline, drive and inclination to
make a success of whatever your dream might be"

Lizelle Hartley

Hi, I'm Lizelle Hartley

My passion for PEOPLE and FASHION brings me to be a MENTOR with a motivational flair in my SPEAKING that drives me to empower people through my PODCAST and be an inspirational AUTHOR.

This is my Story

I have always been an entrepreneur and business owner, passionate, enthusiastic, and determined to make businesses succeed. 

As a business mentor I inspire my clients to believe in their own success and achieve all that they can. 

In recent years I have focused on clients with new & small growing businesses to help them think outside the box and enjoy the business journey they are on.

My keynote speaking is such a big part of bringing my message across because for most of my clients its where they their journey started after being in my audience.

As a fashion stylist its important for me that your style represents who you are and the business brand behind you.

I wrote my book i, …BELIEVE IN YOU to inspire people to take the 7 steps of their journey i believe in you.

Peoples stories are such an inspiration tool that all of us use today. Therefore my podcast I Believe In You brings real stories from real people to you. Thank you to Bendigo Bank mobile relationship managers for being the sponsor behind this! Listen here

It’s very important for me to have balance in life, therefore I enjoy mentoring my clients, exercising and spending quality time with family and friends.

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